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Outsourcing Consultants in Delhi

MCM Placements is one of the trusted Outsourcing Consultants. The experienced and well qualified HR Professionals of the company work in close coordination with the clients. We thoroughly evaluate the client�s requirements and guide them on the best sources for candidate search. With our years of experience, we capably consult the client about the best ways for candidate recruitment. We focus on industry specific and job specific requirements and after thorough analysis, we suggest outsourcing avenues.

Outsourcing Consultants is a Consultancy firm in India managed by persons having long experience with MNCs. Our specialized teams experience covers BPOs, Logistic Solutions & Supply Chain Management, Distribution Network & Inventory Management, Franchising, IT Services, Flexible Packaging & Labeling, Imports & Exports. With expertise in all these fields our advice is based on cost effective systems. We at Outsourcing Consultants can help you to cut cost by outsourcing various jobs.

MCM Placements always try to keep you with ongoing fluctuation of economy and business strategies; the corporate mindset is shifting its focus from permanent hiring to temp by outsourcing HR processes. Outsourcing of Manpower and HR services has become normal routine among companies nowadays. With ever increasing business demands it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to get into the intricacies of screening hundreds of applicants and selecting the best out of them. They prefer to concentrate on the business and stay away from this messy and time consuming process. Now this is where a Manpower Outsourcing Company comes into the scene.
We at MCM Placements, invites those students whose skills matches with the requirement of corporates.
• Flexibility in hiring.
• Cost and time saving in hiring process
• No permanent liability of people.
• Availability of experts for short duration/project related work.
• Availability of large resume data bank.
• Statutory obligations such as provident fund, gratuity, bonus, maternity benefits, professional tax, etc. are no longer a client’s responsibility.
MCM Placements is fast becoming a preferred partner for employee leasing and temporary staffing with multinational companies, large Corporate, Public Sector Companies, Government Organizations & Ministries. More and more companies are opting for temporary staffing in order to retain head count, reduce employment expenses, minimize long term liabilities, and meet seasonal increase in business. Our In-house Payroll & Compliance Management Team ensures smooth and error free monthly payroll cycle. We aim at integrating smoothly into your business and at the same time maintain continuity of your work force. MCM Placements employees with rich experience are there to advise you on the following: • Business Process Outsourcing
• Logistics
• Distribution
• Franchising
• IT Services
• Packaging
• Import & Export

How we work…

We will assign a member of our team as a point of Contact / Account manager to work in partnership with you to be sure our service complements your business systems. We provide a flexible service that will respect your preferences, systems and methods of working. We will begin by a tailor made process based the demands of your company. You will know what to expect at each stage of the process so Easy Source will integrate smoothly into your business. We are one of the best manpower consultants in Delhi.

Services we offer

• Recruitment based projects
• Transfer of ad hoc employees
• Transfer of Contractual employees
• In house/On-site support of contractual employees